Noavek's Ban appeal

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Jul 10, 2018
Current username: Noavek
Username when punished: Noavek
Why were you punished?: Permanently Banned for using Hacked Client.
Why should you be unbanned?: I use the client Jigsaw quite a lot to troll people, Play on servers like 2B2T (Anarchy so there is no rules) and just mess around on single player worlds. I did not realize i was using jigsaw because you can turn the client to ghost mode so that you cant see any hacks, GUI ect. There are also a lot of hotkeys, so i do press them by accident a lot. So i was waiting for the crate wave them accidentally had pressed some of those hot keys and started flying, but the anti-cheat is good so i did not actually fly just lag around then i got banned. I have deleted the client from my PC so i don't make this mistake again. I am not sure if the screenshots i added are enough proof that i deleted the client and if there is any other form of proof you need i am happy to send it over discord (Noavek#7804)

Thank you for your time your time



Not open for further replies.