Mob Arena & Quests

Jul 9, 2018
nun ur busnez
Ahoi, I've played a fair amount of the mob arena on this server and I noticed a couple things. First of all, the overall experience seems more like a grind than a challenge or something enjoyable. I feel like this is because every boss wave, you have to kill every single mob on the map before the next wave starts, which is a good feature, since otherwise you would just get completely overwhelmed. However since that rule doesn't apply to every wave, you spend 5-10 minutes at about wave 60+ every time there is a boss wave just killing the extra enemies around the map. Along those same lines, I think a definitive way to start the next wave should be implemented. It feels like sometimes the wave drags on forever, and other times it goes by before you have a chance to kill any of the enemies. I've played every free class there is as well as Longbow and FirstWizard (yeah, those 2 premium kits are available to everyone) and I have to say that the mage classes seem extremely underpowered. A way I would fix this is to add ingredients to make splash potions, as well as instant damage, and maybe some kind of consistent ranged attack. Also if potions were able to be made in the 2x2 crafting space in a player's inventory, that would help out a lot, seeing as how brewing limits you to 3 at a time and requires you to climb the stone area and then wait way too long to make potions. The last and maybe most important issue I have with Mob Arena is the rewards system. It's completely random and the rewards don't seem to get any better the farther you go, (at least wave 102 didn't seem to give that great of rewards). Then once you finally die or give up in Mob Arena and go back to your base, you discover you don't even get to collect all of the rewards. If there are too many rewards for your inventory, you just don't get them. They don't drop on the floor or anything. As far as quests go, I think it's a great idea and the Nightmare Quest riddles were a fun challenge that made me think a little bit. But some of the quests are a little tough/impossible at least to my knowledge to do. Specifically, Mining Quest #9, Nightmare Quest #11 and #8, Gathering Quest #6, and Combat Quests #17-#20, #25-#28, and #29-#32. Mining Quest #9 is mining quartz ore, Nightmare Quest #11 is (I think?) getting a nether star, Nightmare Quest #8 is (I think?) getting a slime ball, Gathering Quest #6 is getting slime balls, and the Combat Quests include killing slime, endermen, and ghasts. Anyway, thank you for reading this eye sore.



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Jan 20, 2018
Quests are getting a complete overhaul soon, and I am in the process of updating MobArena as I write this.