Handled mcMMO xp and mob spawners

Jul 9, 2018
nun ur busnez
Ahoi, I've been doing lots of mining recently and I noticed what seems to be an error with the XP gains, at least for mining. When I log in and break a block of stone, it gives 30 mining XP, and stays that way for 4 more levels. Then once I level up the 5th time, stone gives 28 XP. Then the 6th level up gives 24 XP per stone block. The 7th level up gives 16 XP per stone block, the 8th level up gives gives 8 XP per stone block, the 9th level up gives 4 XP per stone block. I haven't leveled up 10 times in a row because the XP gain declines so quickly that breaking 4 iron didn't even give 1 XP. Relogging will reset the XP gain back to 30 per stone block, but then it follows the same pattern. If it helps, I am using the reward pickaxe from mining 2000 emerald ore, I've completed all the mining quests, and my mcMMO mining level is 583. I only noticed this once I completed all of the mining quests. Also, mob spawners seem to only spawn a certain amount of mobs no matter what amount of time you AFK. For instance I can walk away for 30 seconds and have 10 skeletons spawn, but walk away for 8 minutes and still only 10 skeletons spawn. That's with skeleton spawners, in a 1 chunk area if that helps. If you have any questions I'm in game like all the time...

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