Kitpvp and /duel Re-work?

Nov 9, 2019
I feel that kitpvp and /duel should be at full attention this week considering the fact the server is pvp and faction pvp based. I feel that the /duel should have more random maps added and that kitpvp should get more attention so that it can officially launch this upcoming week for any players. Recently the issue with kitpvp is it is not finished and needs more kits in it aswell. I also think that the spawn for kitpvp is not as good as the map itself and I was wondering if there will ever be a bigger kitpvp spawn? or a /shop? Also with /duel the ground potting needs to be fixed because it still doesn't work and that will cause players to get really annoyed and probably will never use health pots again or the kit in general. If anyone wants to debate about these topics feel free.