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Jul 9, 2018
nun ur busnez
Ahoi, it was brought to my attention the first day I played on the server by the messages that pop up above the EXP, health, and hunger bar that /smack is an available command on the server. During the following days of playing on the server I encountered some displeasing features about the command. When the smacking is getting intense and you need something more to convey your message but can't be bothered to type out actual words, a new feature would be greatly appreciated. The one I have in mind would be different levels or options of smacking. For example, /smack <playername> hard; forcefully; playfully; soft. Another feature myself and others would like to see added is /smicksmackadoodledoo <playername>, with the message on the other player's end being You have been smicksmackadoodledooed by <playername>. Also, /clout, /swat, /boop, /bonk, and /smicksmackpaddywhack would be appreciated. Thank you for your time and sorry if you ignored the title.



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Jan 20, 2018
I have a long list of other ideas to implement first, but this will likely be done soon.

(going to add /smack <player> [<hard/soft/playfully/likea*****>], /thump <player>, /swat <player>, and probably punch <player>)
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