Accepted Helper Application

Nov 11, 2019
United States of America
First name: Private
Minecraft username: Rk2p
Age: 15
Country(If you live CAN/US, please use province/state): United states, Colorado
Timezone: MST (GMT-7)
Current time: 7 pm
Time most active (in your timezone): 6am-12pm, 2pm-1am
Any extra schedule information?: (like a job or school)
I have school, but I don't have to go anywhere and only work on it for 2 hours a day for medical reasons.
Q: Why are you applying for our staff team?
A: I'm applying for a position on the staff team because I like to help players and I personally believe I would be a good fit.

Q: What will you being a staff member help improve?
A: Me being a staff member will improve a few things. I am extremely active on the server which allows me to help more players more often. This also means I can help when other staff members are inactive. I am very easy to approach because I always treat people as equals and I am always there to help to the best of my abilities.
Q: You see a fellow staff member breaking a rule. What do you do?
A: When it comes to the rules of the server staff should be treated like everyone else so depending on what they're doing I would ask them not to continue first, then punish accordingly if they do.

Q: You are unsure of the exact punishment you are supposed to execute upon a player. What do you do?
A: Look at the rules on the server website and find which rule they are breaking, if it isn't listed exactly then I would find the rule closest to it.

Q: A player has broken a rule that you do not have the ability to properly punish them for and there are no senior staff members online. What do you do?
A: I would first ask them to stop breaking it, then screenshot it and/or record it and send it to a senior staff member for review.

Q: A friend has broken a rule and you do not want to punish them. What do you do?
A: Punish them accordingly, just because I don't want to doesn't mean i shouldn't.

Q: Have you ever been punished on this server? If so, what for and when? You cannot apply if it was within the last 14 days.
A: Not really, just console punishments that where from me lagging, they were removed.

Q: Is your Minecraft and forums accounts secure? Two-factor authentication, security questions, strong password, no one else has access, etc.
A: Yes.

Q: What punishment do you use for someone who is advertising?
A: The standard punishment in the rules is permanent ban, but I would warn them first.

Q: What punishment do you use for someone who is pretending to be?
A: Depending on who or what they are pretending to be I would punish them accordingly, if pretending to be staff that would count as staff impersonation which is a warning then temporary mute.

Q: What punishment do you use for someone who is on here our server simply to troll?
A: If they are on just to troll then they wouldn't actually want to play other than to mess with people, a temporary mute would be first then if they continue after the mute a permanent one.

Do you meet these requirements:
Ability to share evidence of rule breaking such as uploading screenshots/gifs uploaded to Gyazo or Imgur: (Yes or no) Yes.
Do you have a definite understanding of the rules and punishments of our server?: (Yes or no) Yes.
Have you activated Two Factor Authentication on the forums?: (Yes or no) [Setup here:] Yes.
Do you have an alternative means of communication(Discord, email, etc)? (Yes or no) Yes.
When did you first join the server? November 4th or 5th of 2019.
What is your current play time? (use /playtime to find out) 125 hours 16 minutes.
Likes: JRealSavage