Denied Helper Application Form

Nov 25, 2019
First name: Sebatian
Minecraft username: Sebastian2133
Country(If you live CAN/US, please use province/state):US Colorado
Timezone: Mountain time
Current time: 11:07
Time most active (in your timezone): whoever I play 24/7 and when I gotta do something ill get off
Schedule of when we can expect you(use hours; example: 4:00PM - 7:30PM & answer below):
Extra schedule information:
Have you donated? If so, what have you purchased?:

Q: Why are you applying for our staff team?
*Please answer here* Been looking for a good server to play on & I came across your server, seen that you guys needed staff and since I have never been a staff or anything why not give it a show

Q: What will you being a staff member help improve?
*Please answer here* umm I don't know I need to talk to people more since I have got no friends on pc lol but I just wanna become friends with people on this server and bring some good vides

Q: You see a fellow staff member breaking a rule. What do you do?
*Please answer here* im not the type to go tell right now because if its something little then ill tell them what they are doing wrong ill just them out if its something big ill still tell them something but ill end up telling

Q: You are unsure of the exact punishment you are supposed to execute upon a player. What do you do?
*Please answer here* im a person who knows that people could change and its a game so ill give them a warning if they keep doing it ill give a kick for a few hours

Q: You are being overwhelmed by players and you're the only staff member online. What do you do?
*Please answer here* if its my job then I shouldn't be getting overwhelmed it might be hard but its a job where its going to take time

Q: A player has broken a rule that you do not have the ability to properly punish them for and there are no senior staff members online. What do you do?
*Please answer here* if they telling did something bad what could I do I could ask for someone to get on but by the time that happens who knows what would happen I would try to talk to them

Q: A friend has broken a rule and you do not want to punish them. What do you do?
*Please answer here* im going to be honest if they keep doing I will have to punish them but I would just tell them to chill a little and watch what they are doing

Q: What are some of your strengths? How will they effect your performance as staff?
*Please answer here* being nice is my strength ita dumb but it really is

Q: What are some of your weaknesses? How will they effect your performance as staff?
*Please answer here* weaknesses I wouldn't really say I have anything probably typing fast lol

Q: Have you ever been punished on this server? If so, what for and when? You cannot apply if it was within the last 30 days.
A: *Please answer here*nope first time playing

Q: Are you familiar with the LiteBans plugin? Are you able to effectively operate it?
*Please answer here* I have no idea

Q: Is your Minecraft and forums accounts secure? Two-factor authentication, security questions, strong password, no one else has access, etc.
A: *Please answer here*yes sir

Q: Are you able to separate personal feelings and be unbiased when acting as a staff member?
*Please answer here* its a job so I don't let personal feeling effect what I need to be doing

Q: What qualifies you to be a staff member?
*Please answer here*

Q: What previous experience do you have?
*Please answer here* I don't have any but I wanna get experience to learn