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Jan 20, 2018
Hello and welcome the Disastrous Network. We are a new Minecraft server that was launched on June 25th, 2018. In less than two weeks we've had over 350 unique joins and a long list of bug fixes, feature implementations and changes made. I've also released quite a few threads detailing information about our network. Our only current Administrator, @ShyShi, has setup our discord server for us. I've also developed a quite few plugins for the server. We hope you enjoy our server and become apart of our growing community.

Currently, our server only has one gamemode; factions. Because factions is very oversaturated with all the "custom" servers out there we try to keep our server custom and unique from other servers while still implementing some of the mainstream server features out there. However, there are certain features that we will never implement to try and keep the server closer to a vanilla game-play; such as custom enchants, mcMMO combat, etc.

As we are a growing community we also need staff members to help us moderate our server. Any player that is helpful towards players and has a good amount of experience playing Minecraft is encouraged to apply for our staff team. We need any decent member willing to help improve our server and community to apply for staff.

Current staff:
Owner: @Disastrous (Me <3)
Lead Administrator: Vacant
Senior Administrator(s): @ShyShi
Administrator(s): Vacant
Head Moderator: Vacant
Senior Moderator(s): @CCnetwork
Moderator(s): Vacant
Helper(s): Vacant
Trial staff: @GHALEB991 @Jesus

Links to apply:
Helper/Trial: (must be at least 13 years old, must be active on our discord, and must have two factor authentication)
YouTubers: (must have a microphone when recording, must have 250 subscribers and must have a good view to sub count)
Developers: (Being able to configure a YAML file is not a developer! You must be able to code: Java OR HTML&CSS&php)

Media Links
Rules: Important - Rules
Store: Disastrous Network | Welcome
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