Accepted Dean - Jesus - OverNightPvP | Staff Application

First name: Dean
Minecraft username: OverNightPvP
Age: Privacy
Country: United Kingdom
Timezone: UTC+1
Current time: 19:40
Schedule of when we can expect you:
Can't really comment on the times right now as it will change if I'm accepted to a school/collage/university/work not specifying or not, currently on holidays and sick.

Q: You see a fellow staff member breaking a rule. What do you do?
Start up obs and watch them, also contact a higher rank than them on discord.

Q: You are unsure of the exact punishment you are supposed to execute upon a player. What do you do?
Well if there is a staff handbook or punishment guideline I'd look at that if not I'd check with someone on discord. If there is noone to help me / nothing to help me I'd go off of other servers that I've been staff on.

Q: You are being overwhelmed by players and you're the only staff member online. What do you do?
I'll try the best I can and if there is another staff member online on discord I'd see if they were available to help.

Q: A player has broken a rule that you do not have the ability to properly punish them for and there are no senior staff members online. What do you do?
Well I'd report it to a higher up on discord and give them the most appropiate punishment to the best of my abilities with my permissions.

Q: A friend has broken a rule and you do not want to punish them. What do you do?
I'd treat them like a standard player.

Q: What are some of your strengths? How will they effect your performance as staff?
I have a lot of experience and can handle a lot of people. I have good literature skills this will make the server look professional and you don't want staff miss-spell every word.

Q: What are some of your weaknesses? How will they effect your performance as staff?
I have a terrible memory and am at the hospital a lot due to EDS so that may affect playtime along with school/collage/university/work not specifiying

Q: Have you ever been punished on this server? If so, what for and when? You cannot apply if it was within the last 30 days.
A: Just warnings from console, stuff like profanity. I do have one advertisement warn but that was from messaging disastrous a link.

Q: Are you familiar with the LiteBans plugin? Are you able to effectively operate it?
Very familar know all the commands.

Q: Is your Minecraft and forums accounts secure? Two-factor authentication, security questions, strong password, no one else has access, etc.
A: My main minecraft account has security questions and all my accounts have a strong password. I have also set up 2 step email for the forums and auto logout every time I close the forums tab.

Q: Are you able to separate personal feelings and be unbiased when acting as a staff member?
Of course

Q: What qualifies you to be a staff member?
I have a lot of experience on other servers and know the commands that I'll need to be staff. I have common sense and abide by the rules.

Q: What previous experience do you have?
I have a lot of experience for other game servers than just minecraft, the largest server I have been staff on is a server that had 50 players on adverage, it was a bungeecord network with many different gamemodes. These gamemodes include prison, factions, survival, skywars, bedwars and a few others. My time as an admin on that server had taught me a lot about staffing. The largest server I had owned was a factions server with an adverage of 15-20 people. I stopped that server as the co-owner (my friend) had lost interest and the main reason I was deving / owning the server was for him. Those are a couple of my online experiences, offline I have worked at sainsburys helping customers. Sainsburys is a supermarket.

Do you meet these requirements:

Ability to share evidence of rule breaking such as uploading screenshots/gifs uploaded to Gyazo or Imgur: Yes can also do youtube(videos)
Do you have a definite understanding of the rules and punishments of our server?:Yes
Have you activated Two Factor Authentication on the forums?: Yes(email)
Do you have an alternative means of communication(Discord, email, etc)? Email, skype, discord, in-game any many other options
Have you been a player on the server for at least three days? I have a very bad memory its either been 2 or 3 days.
What is your current play time? Just over 13 hours