Bystanding's Builder Application

Dec 1, 2019
United States
IGN: Bystanding

Link to Build Portfolio: Disastrous Network - Build Portfolio - Google Drive

Previous Experience: I was a member of the NaturiaPVP and Divergent MC build teams, both being Australia based servers owned by Xeroxity. Work on this server was non-pay and consisted of projects such as constructing numerous spawns, warps, in-house shops, etc. Considering I was much less experienced during those times, they allowed me to really learn a lot about building. In 2018, I took part in an event hosted by the Hypixel Network which allowed players to constrict custom maps for the mini game "Blitz Survival Games" that had a chance to be implemented into the server permanently. My build was not implemented into the game, but the experience was more than educational and I have expressed interest in participating in the event in the future.

The builds in my portfolio are mostly residence-style builds, however it would not be difficult to manipulate and implement that style into other builds. Different palettes can also be used to accommodate the needs of the server. I would also consider taking a look around the Legion base, as the majority of it was constructed by me.

One thing about myself as a builder is that I work at MY OWN PACE. Henceforth, I do not accept payment for my work, and wish to have flexible deadlines and would prefer to know quite a bit in advance the details of my projects so I am more than capable of delivering the most detailed and quality product.

If I am not what the server staff is looking for, I completely understand, but these expectations are a priority of mine.
Likes: JRealSavage