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Jan 20, 2018
Quick Q&A:
What happens if I get accepted?:
You will be granted the "Trial" rank. This rank has no extra permissions but will allow you to help players in a more official role.

How long will it take for me to be promoted from "Trial"?:
The trial rank can last as long as a week or until you show that you have what we are looking for in our staff members. If you do not have the qualities we are looking for in our staff by the end of the week you will be demoted.

Can I apply again after being demoted from Trial?:
Yes, you can. Being demoted from trial, as least in our view, is almost the same as having your application rejected.

My application was labelled "Bookmarked". What does that mean?:
This means your application hasn't been accepted, yet. This is usually due to a lack of play time or us not knowing enough about your in-game behaviour to decide on your application. It also likely means your application is close to being accepted.

What we are looking for in staff members:
  • Actually helpful towards players without having to ask; do not kiss-up, we'll notice and it will effect your approval.
  • Above average intelligence and creativity.
  • Strong character traits; responsible, mature, professional, etc.
  • Active members
  • Honesty
  • Proper grammar and spelling
  • High acceptance rate for player reports
  • Active on the server and forums
  • Friendly to players and staff alike
  • Laid-back attitude
  • Ability to make unbiased decisions
  • Interactive with the community and players
  • Helpful towards new and old players
  • At least 13 years old (legal reasons)
  • You must be active on our discord (link:
  • Must speak English fluently
  • Must be able to contribute at least 14 hours per week (2 hours per day)
  • High amount of forum messages
  • Holding other active positions in our network (Beta-tester, Builder, etc)
  • Microphone
Please remember:
  • Your in-game, forums and discord behavior greatly determine how likely we are to accept your application. Activity, helpfulness, maturity and your overall behavior makes up approximately 80% of your approval rating. Also, make your answers short and smart; think what should I do and truly think about what would be the best option.
  • The longer you play before applying for staff the less time you will have to wait to get accepted. We generally wait until you've played for 4-6 days before reviewing your application for decision. This time is needed for us to get an accurate measure of how much time you're active on our server for and what your behavior is like.
  • Review your application for any mistakes.
  • Review your answers in the QnA to respond with the best possible answer in a live situation.
  • If you do not fill comfortable displaying certain information (examples: First name or age) you can fill it in with "Private" but you will have to DM me if you get accepted with the information.
  • If you're viewing another person's application and you think they'd be a good fit for our staff team, you can reply with "+1 <reason why>" or if you think the opposite, reply with "-1 <reason why>".
  • If you lie on your application you will denied from ever joining our staff team in any form; builder, beta-tester, helper, etc.
  • Provide accurate information. If you provide inaccurate information, please edit your post ASAP and fix it or reply to your application thread with a correction.
How to apply:
APPLICATION FORM(copy and paste EVERYTHING below into a new thread):
First name:​
Minecraft username:​
Country(If you live CAN/US, please use province/state):​
Current time:​
Time most active (in your timezone):​
Schedule of when we can expect you(use hours; example: 4:00PM - 7:30PM & answer below):​
Extra schedule information:​
Have you donated? If so, what have you purchased?:​
Q: Why are you applying for our staff team?
A: *Please answer here*​
Q: What will you being a staff member help improve?
A: *Please answer here*​

Q: You see a fellow staff member breaking a rule. What do you do?
A: *Please answer here*​
Q: You are unsure of the exact punishment you are supposed to execute upon a player. What do you do?
A: *Please answer here*​
Q: You are being overwhelmed by players and you're the only staff member online. What do you do?
A: *Please answer here*​
Q: A player has broken a rule that you do not have the ability to properly punish them for and there are no senior staff members online. What do you do?
A: *Please answer here*​
Q: A friend has broken a rule and you do not want to punish them. What do you do?
A: *Please answer here*​
Q: What are some of your strengths? How will they effect your performance as staff?
A: *Please answer here*​
Q: What are some of your weaknesses? How will they effect your performance as staff?
A: *Please answer here*​
Q: Have you ever been punished on this server? If so, what for and when? You cannot apply if it was within the last 30 days.​
A: *Please answer here*​
Q: Are you familiar with the LiteBans plugin? Are you able to effectively operate it?
A: *Please answer here*​
Q: Is your Minecraft and forums accounts secure? Two-factor authentication, security questions, strong password, no one else has access, etc.​
A: *Please answer here*​
Q: Are you able to separate personal feelings and be unbiased when acting as a staff member?
A: *Please answer here*​
Q: What qualifies you to be a staff member?
A: *Please answer here*​
Q: What previous experience do you have?
A: *Please answer here*​
Do you meet these requirements:
Ability to share evidence of rule breaking such as uploading screenshots/gifs uploaded to Gyazo or Imgur: (Yes or no)​
Do you have a definite understanding of the rules and punishments of our server?: (Yes or no)​
Have you activated Two Factor Authentication on the forums?: (Yes or no) [Setup here:]​
Do you have an alternative means of communication(Discord, email, etc)? (Yes or no)​
When did you first join the server?​
What is your current play time? (use /timeplayed to find out)​
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